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Starting a blog? What to write in your blog? What to include in your blog?

How to do blogging?Blogging is the word on everyones lips. But how to do blogging? What to write, how often to publish articles, what to include in your blog? Don’t know where to start? It all seems so troublesome, so new?

What to write in your blog?

Write a list o f the most common questions your clients ask you. Write answers to the questions one by one. Next time someone asks you the same question you can just direct them to your blog-article . How good that will make you look! When you have written down your “How To” list then make a list of any new developments on your field.

How often to write and publish a blog-article?

Is it enough to write now and then, maybe once a month? No definitely not! Why not? Search Engines direct visitors to your website according to content. But content is not the only thing that Google is paying attention to. Google is noticing how often you publish new content on your website – your blog. The more you publish new content the more you get links in the Google search engine and the more higher you get in the Google indexing. So how often to publish? It is important to publish every week, even twice a week if possible

When to publish your blog-articles?

According to research the best time to publish content is Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. Why so? In the mornings people are busy with their work. If you publish in the morning, especially on Monday when everyone has loads of emails to go through, then it is likely that your blog will end up in the trash. Publish your articles in the afternoons since according to research, people are more receptive after lunch.

What to include in your blog-article?

Always include one or more images. A good service to use to get cheap images is service. Also very important is to add links to lead outside your website. You can add links to other websites featuring the same question, or resource websites. Remember to add titles into your images and to your links. Open links in a new window, not to lead visitor off your website.

How to advertise your blog-article?

Add a Facebook comment form at the end of your blog-articles. Use the Facebook Comment form to add a comment to your blog-article and this way you can advertise the article on your Facebook wall. Ask your Facebook contacts to comment your article. Add your blog-article also to Twitter, Lindkedin, Pintarest, Google+ and other Social Media service. Ask your contacts to give a comment or like to your blog-article. If you have added a video on your blog-article, add the blog-article link to your Youtube-channel (video page).

How do Facebook company/brand pages change 1st of April?Do you have a company brand page on Facebook? Did you know there will be some changes that will affect your Facebook page? Now is time to find out what will change in Fan-pages in the Facebook. Changes will happen on 1st of April 2012. Do the necessary changes before that since these changes will be mandatory for all brand/company pages. Make sure your Facebook page is updated before then.

How can you edit your new Facebook Timeline pages? Facebook offers you from time to time a possibility to edit/publish your new Timeline pages. Info of this will appear on top of your Facebook page when you go to your Facebook page.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. You will Need A “Cover” Image of 850×315 pixels

If you have already updated your personal Facebook page, you are familiar with the concept since the new Facebook fanpages work exactly the same way. Go and have a look at some of the top-banner-images to get an idea what the banner-image is all about. Here some ideas…  Please note that Facebook does not allow any “Call to action” or “Sales pits” in the new Facebook page. This means also that you cannot add contact info or encourage Facebook visitors to contact you. The image for this space needs to be about 850×315 pixels.

2. You May Want A New Profile Image

Depending on the current profile image and it’s measurements, you may want to change it. The new space is square, and will be placed at the bottom left corner of your cover image. You may want to have this image be very different then the cover  banner image or you may want to be more creative with the profile image. See some creative examples from personal pages that may help you in making your new profile image. See creative examples…

3. Customize The Order Of Your Apps

You can now decide what order to display your photos, your”likes” and your Facebook apps (like your welcome page, polls, events, etc.). Photos does have to come first, but the rest off the links and their order is up to you. Order them by their importance in your social media marketing strategy.

4. Control Your Status Updates

Of course you can edit, or delete your status updates, but now you have some new nice options. You can “highlight” an update by clicking on a star icon in the upper right hand corner of the post. Highlighting an update results in that update spanns twice as wide as your standard updates. You can use this to get more attention to your important posts. If you have something really important (call to action, announcement, event, etc.) that you would like to keep at the top of your timeline, that is where “pinning” comes in. When you pin an update, it moves that update to the top of your timeline. Anyone looking at your timeline will see pinned update first.

5. Add Your website URL To Your “About” Section

With the update your “about” section becomes more important, but it hides a lot of your old/original information. At a minimum, make sure that you add your website URL to your about text (in addition to the real spot that your URL is supposed to be). This will help people to navigate to your website from your Facebook page. Be careful not to add too much text, or your www-address will get cut off. Note that is you want to show your address in your About us -fields then your www-address will not fit in. It is better to hide the address and show your www-address. But to get the www-address show on your Facebook page then you need to add it as the first thing in the About Us -field in the About us -editing page.

So by now you may have realized that it is not the end of the world. Facebook is changing…again. Will it be bad, good, or the same? It is difficult to tell. One thing you can be sure of is if your prepare your page for the change, it should not negatively impact your brand. If you would like more info, here is a step by step guide to help you get everything set up. Step by step guidebook!

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Why add all your Social Media links to your email-signature?

How many emails do you send each day? Why not use that as an opportunity to increase your Social Media linking! Do all your contacts know your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Lindkedin links? For sure not! An easy way to get linked is to add a personalized Email-Signature to your emails.

How to add the Social Media links to your email-signature?

Most email-programs have a possibility to create your own email-signature. Often thou it’s not so easy to add many small Social Media icons on your signature. Some email-programs do not have so fancy html-code (editing code) possibilities. What to do then?

WiseStamp – what is that?

WiseStamp is a browser add-on. You can create several email-signatures with it with your different Social Media icons and links. It is currently available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. It is free and you can download it to your computer from this link:

How to use WiseStamp?Create your own WiseStamp signature

Download the WiseStamp Plugin to your computer (using Firefox browser recommended). Find the small WiseStamp sign from your browser (in Firefox in the right-bottom-corner). Click the WiseStamp icon to open the plugin. Create your own business and personal Signatures first by adding a table with two columns (one for the logo and one for the details).

After you have added the Logo and the basic details to your signature it is time to fill in the Social Media details. Start with Social Icons, choose the Social Media one by one (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, Linkedin etc.) and fill in the Link to your Social Media page on each of the Social Media services that you use. Delete all the extra Social Media options from the list.

How to make your Social Media Email-signature

Next step is to add suitable Email Apps. They are RSS feeds from your Social Media sites. For example you can add RSS feed from your latest Blog post to your Signature. This is done by Clicking RSS sign under the Email Apps, then click ADD button and add the RSS feed (blog post feed) to you the link field. Change the RSS Title to something suitable like “Read my latest blog post:”.

From IM Icons you can add your Skype name, Messenger name to your Email Signature. From Design Tab you can add borders and a light Gray box to your Signature. When you are done with your Signature remember to click Apply button and Preview to see how the signature looks like. If you are happy with the design then Click OK.

The last but not the least thing is to go to the Settings. This you do by opening the WiseStamp again from the icon, then choose Settings. Go and un-click the “Keep the WiseStamp credit in the Signature” box. Remember to promote WiseStamp by small donation or by Sharing their link in Facebook. Last click OK!

How do I add the Signature to my emails?

Open a new email message, click your right-mouse-button once and choose “Insert signature” and choose the correct signature by clicking it once. Signature should appear to your email. It is good to do this first before actually writing the email, so that you do not mess the text in your email.

WiseStamp Examples

Here are some examples of WiseStamp signatures! Hope you get some ideas from these!

Create your email Signature today and connect with people! SM Oy

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