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Starting a blog? What to write in your blog? What to include in your blog?

How to do blogging?Blogging is the word on everyones lips. But how to do blogging? What to write, how often to publish articles, what to include in your blog? Don’t know where to start? It all seems so troublesome, so new?

What to write in your blog?

Write a list o f the most common questions your clients ask you. Write answers to the questions one by one. Next time someone asks you the same question you can just direct them to your blog-article . How good that will make you look! When you have written down your “How To” list then make a list of any new developments on your field.

How often to write and publish a blog-article?

Is it enough to write now and then, maybe once a month? No definitely not! Why not? Search Engines direct visitors to your website according to content. But content is not the only thing that Google is paying attention to. Google is noticing how often you publish new content on your website – your blog. The more you publish new content the more you get links in the Google search engine and the more higher you get in the Google indexing. So how often to publish? It is important to publish every week, even twice a week if possible

When to publish your blog-articles?

According to research the best time to publish content is Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. Why so? In the mornings people are busy with their work. If you publish in the morning, especially on Monday when everyone has loads of emails to go through, then it is likely that your blog will end up in the trash. Publish your articles in the afternoons since according to research, people are more receptive after lunch.

What to include in your blog-article?

Always include one or more images. A good service to use to get cheap images is service. Also very important is to add links to lead outside your website. You can add links to other websites featuring the same question, or resource websites. Remember to add titles into your images and to your links. Open links in a new window, not to lead visitor off your website.

How to advertise your blog-article?

Add a Facebook comment form at the end of your blog-articles. Use the Facebook Comment form to add a comment to your blog-article and this way you can advertise the article on your Facebook wall. Ask your Facebook contacts to comment your article. Add your blog-article also to Twitter, Lindkedin, Pintarest, Google+ and other Social Media service. Ask your contacts to give a comment or like to your blog-article. If you have added a video on your blog-article, add the blog-article link to your Youtube-channel (video page).

So now you have a website for your company? Frontage, company-page, services and a contact form. Is that enough? While it is important to be found in the Internet, to get more traffic, in other words customers, you need more than that.

What does your company website need to bring in more customers?

Content is the KingContent, content, content…. and some more content! Content is still the KING! Content is definitely the most important factor in bringing visitors to your website. Why is content so important? Why is regular content needed on a website?

How do Search Engines direct visitors to your website?

Search engines – Google, Yahoo and alike – direct visitors to websites according to the website content. Search Engines crawl websites regularly trying to figure out what the website is all about. Search Engines read the content and keywords on the website. The more content you have on your website the more possibilities it gives for Google and other Search Engines to direct visitors to your website.

How much content should you have on your website?

Is it enough to have some 1-5 pages to your website? Google will not consider your website to be important if you only have a few web-pages on your website. For Google to consider your website to be important you need more content, more pages. You also need new content regularly.

How can you add more content on your website?

The best way to add content is to have a blog on the website. Also you can add a References section where you can add images and description of your projects or your latest work. Add News section where you can inform of the latest news of your company, or add a module that imports the latest news from some RSS feed service. Make sure you add content to your website EVERY MONTH, every week or even better daily! It is important to mark down on your calender the a schedule for writing and posting your blog-articles. Without a schedule – let’s face it – you’re not going to do it!

What kind of things you can write about in your blog?

Build content by blogging - drive traffic to your websiteWrite about the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions your customers ask you. What are the things your customers are interested about? What kind of questions they ask you? Make a list of the most frequently asked questions and start from that. Also you can write about the latest developments on the field of the services or products you provide. Write about anything related to your field or business.

What kind of content you should have on your blog?

When writing a blog keep in mind that Search Engines, like Google, value most of all Videos, then images and the last the actual text. Go and do a Google search and notice how the videos in YouTube come up first, then images and the last the links to articles. So add videos to your website (by using YouTube service), then add images with good keywords in the names of your images (do not use image names as 0001.jpg). Then lastly, write about 400-700 words by using important keywords that relate to the services/products you provide.

Summa summarum – ADD CONTENT on your website regularly, every month, even every week or daily. With good content you can drive traffic to your website and this way add visitors – customers – to your website.

Start writing your blog today! If you liked the blog-post please write a comment below! SM Oy

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